Elizabeth Cahue-Gonzalez
Elizabeth Cahue-Gonzalez 
CEO/ Director of Human Resources 

Elizabeth Cahue founded Cahue Enterprises HR Consulting Inc. over four years ago and has provided Human Resources (HR) consulting services to clients ranging from 1 to as many as 500 employees that operate in multiple states and across multiple industries. Elizabeth has a substantial background in Business Administration and Human Resources and has added to her already extensive background of over a decade of experience in the HR industry. Elizabeth comes from a background of administering PEO companies, which broadened her knowledge and skillset in a variety of industries.

Elizabeth developed a vision to help businesses to grow successfully and help them establish and develop a strong HR platform to reduce liability and enable the companies to maintain a balance between employer and employees. Cahue Enterprises provides them with customized HR support and guidance. Elizabeth is the primary HR consultant and CEO. She currently operates in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Utah. She specializes in small to mid-size businesses by establishing a strong foundation of their human resources department, as well as helping them achieve and maintain compliance with all state and federal mandated requirements and the labor board.

Rodolfo “Rudy’ Gonzalez has an extensive background in Information Technology and Business Administration. Rudy is a Marine Corps veteran and has over 20 years of progressive IT experience, including 8 years as a federal government employee supporting the Marine Corps Enterprise Network Operations Center.

Rudy’s experience managing projects, organizational skills, and dedication are well applied as our Chief Financial Officer. His contributions help maintain Cahue Enterprises operations running well, which reinforces our mission to provide outstanding customer service to our clients.

Rudy Gonzalez
Fernando Cahue
Fernando Cahue
Executive Assistant

Fernando Cahue Sr. joined Cahue Enterprises shortly after Elizabeth founded the company in 2016. He brings a wealth of professional experience and knowledge to the company while serving as an executive assistant.

His background as an architectural engineer brings a different perspective to our business and attention to detail that is crucial in our industry. Fernando is also bilingual and assists as a liaison with Spanish speaking clients and their employees, as well as document preparation.