How to Handle a Disgruntled Employee and Their Termination

One disgruntled employee can be the catalyst that starts a domino effect of low employee morale and dissatisfied customers. If someone is disgruntled, then it is likely that their actions will have a negative impact on your company reputation.

In certain situations, it might result in the need to let the employee go. But, it is essential to approach the termination with care. An upset employee might look for places to let off steam online, causing more problems with your online reputation.

Follow these tips to avoid problems when terminating a disgruntled employee:

Have a Disciplinary Meeting First

If the infraction was small, then it might make sense to have a disciplinary meeting regarding the employee’s behavior. A face-to-face conversation is a way that you can attempt to remedy the situation. All meetings should be attended by two or more members of management or HR, so there are multiple witnesses to the disciplinary action.

Always document the meeting, stacking the legal deck in your favor to show that you worked to find a solution. It is best to keep thorough records of every step of discipline, as well as the behaviors that led to the discipline.

Show Respect in All Situations

Even when an employee is being disciplined or terminated, they still deserve the highest levels of respect from management. Have the meeting in private, so that the behavior isn’t on display in front of the rest of the team. During the meeting to discuss the termination, the manager needs to help the employee see the decisions that were made and how those decisions impact the company.

This conversation increases the likelihood that the employee will see the termination as fair. Give the person a chance to talk. If they have the opportunity to share their side of the story, then it decreases the likelihood that they will publish something online.

Involve HR in the Termination

There are times when immediate termination is necessary. But, you need to make sure that you have gathered enough information and evidence to back up your situation. Always work closely with your HR team to ensure that you are following the best practices to complete an investigation on the matter. If the safety of employees or customers is in question, then it might make sense to suspend the person’s employment while the situation is under investigation.

Your HR team can help with some of the small details, such as providing the final paycheck on the day of termination. If you have questions about best practices for termination and employee management, then you can talk to our team at Cahue Enterprises: (951) 760-2870